Friday 16 June 2023

Arms From The Adriatic: Croatia’s Military Support For Ukraine


The following list attempts to keep track of military equipment delivered or pledged to Ukraine by Croatia during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The entries below are sorted by armament category (with a flag denoting the country of origin), and due to the confidential nature of some arms deliveries they can serve only as a lower bound to the total volume delivered. This list is updated as further military support is uncovered.
(Click on the equipment type or vehicle to get a picture)

Helicopters (14)

Multiple Rocket Launchers

Towed Artillery (40+)



  • Up To Six Shipments Of Strela-2s And Igla-1s [Since February or March 2022]

Anti-Tank Weaponry

  • Missing flag.png ''Anti-Tank Rockets'' [2022]

Small Arms



  • Tens Of Millions Of Small Arms Rounds [Since February 2022]
  • Thousands Of Grenades [2022]

Military Gear

  • Missing flag.png Helmets [February 2022]
  • Missing flag.png Ballistic Vests [February 2022]
  • Missing flag.png Uniforms [February 2022]

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