Saturday 24 June 2023

Chef’s Special - Documenting Equipment Losses During The 2023 Wagner Group Mutiny

This list only includes captured and destroyed vehicles and equipment of which photo or videographic evidence is available. Therefore, the amount of equipment captured and destroyed is likely significantly higher than recorded here. Losses claims by fighterbomber, a Telegram channel operated by a Russian Air Force pilot, are also considered as sufficient evidence of Russian aerial losses. Aircraft and helicopters captured by Wagner at Rostov-on-Don North are currently not included in this list. Civilian vehicles and derelict equipment are not included in this list.
(Click on the numbers to get a picture of each individual destroyed vehicle)


Russian Government Forces (9, of which destroyed: 6, damaged: 1, captured: 2)

Aircraft (1, of which destroyed: 1)

Helicopters (6, of which destroyed: 5, damaged: 1)

Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicles (1, of which captured: 1)

Infantry Mobility Vehicles (1, of which captured: 1)

Wagner Group (5, of which destroyed: 5)

Infantry Mobility Vehicles (1, of which destroyed: 1)

Technicals (2, of which destroyed: 2)

Vehicles (2, of which destroyed: 2)

Special thanks to Neil Hauer for suggesting today's title.