Tuesday 13 June 2023

Death From Above: Documenting Equipment Losses During The Battle Of Conoco Fields

The Battle of Conoco Fields, also known as the Battle of Khasham, was one of the rare occasions U.S. and Russian (mercenary) forces went toe to toe. The battle began as a force of some 500 Syrian and Russian Wagner PMC fighters supported by armour and artillery launched an assault on a joint SDF/U.S. special forces base at the Conoco gas plant located near the city of Deir ez-Zor. As the Wagner-led force pushed their advance, U.S. forces responded with a series of air and ground strikes. U.S. forces were reportedly in constant contact with a Russian liaison officer posted in Deir ez-Zor throughout the engagement, and only opened fire after they had received assurances that no regular Russian forces were present. [1] The engagement lasted well over three hours, leaving up to 100 pro-government forces dead, including around a dozen Wagner fighters, with no U.S./SDF losses in return. In May 2023, Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin detailed his version of events of what occured during the battle, which certainly makes for an interesting insight into ''the first deadly clash between citizens of Russia and the United States since the Cold War". [2]

A list of the destroyed vehicles can be seen below. This list only includes destroyed vehicles and equipment of which photo or videographic evidence is available. Therefore, the amount of equipment destroyed is significantly higher than recorded here.

(Click on the numbers to get a picture of each individual destroyed vehicle)


Wagner / Syrian Government Forces (11, of which destroyed: 11)

Tanks (3, of which destroyed: 3)

Armoured Fighting Vehicles (2, of which destroyed: 2)


Gun Trucks (1, of which destroyed: 1)

Towed Artillery (1, of which destroyed: 1)

Vehicles (4, of which destroyed: 4)

United States / Syrian Democratic Forces (0, of which destroyed: 0)

[1] Имена и фамилии погибших бойцов "ЧВК Вагнера" https://www.svoboda.org/a/29038004.html