Thursday 20 July 2023

No Army, No Problem: Iceland’s Aid To Ukraine

Iceland, unique among NATO member states, maintains no standing military of its own. Throughout the Cold War, the country was host to several debates about whether or not to withdraw from NATO. During the 1970s, Iceland even threatened to leave the alliance as a result of the Second and Third Cod Wars with the UK. But despite its pacifist nature and a prime minister that is known for her opposition to Iceland's NATO membership, the island nation has contributed peacekeepers to several NATO-led missions including in Iraq and Afghanistan and is host to a NATO air base. [1] Possessing no military equipment of its own, Iceland has for the most part concentrated its efforts on providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Examples of military aid include chartering cargo aircraft to transport military equipment from NATO member states to Ukraine and the provision of winter gear, EOD equipment and a field hospital. Iceland's contributions in military aid amount to approximately 2.7bn ISK (18.3 million euros). [2] Iceland's economic and humanitarian aid contributions to Ukraine have so far amounted to 3,1bn ISK (21 million euros). [2]

The following list attempts to keep track of military and humanitarian aid given to Ukraine by the Government of Iceland during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The entries below are sorted by category. Private and corporate donations are not included in this list. This list will be updated as further support is declared.
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Military Aid


Humanitarian Aid

  • 9.38 Million Euro Through UN Agencies And The ICRC [2022/2023]
  • 1.5 Million Euro To The Ukraine Energy Support Fund [2022/2023]
  • 410,000 Euro Through The World Bank's Multi-Donor Trust Funds For Ukraine [2022/2023]
  • 410,000 Euro Worth Of Generators (5) And Transformers (22) [2022/2023]
  • 408,000 Euro Worth Of Food Items And Support For Prosthetics Equipment [2022/2023]
  • 200,000 Euro To NATO’s Trust Fund for Ukraine Professional Development Programme [2022/2023]

Reception Of Refugees From Ukraine

  • Nearly 2.600 Ukrainian Refugees On A Population of 375,318 [Since February 2022] 
[1] Iceland’s prime minister: “My opposition to Nato has not changed”
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