Wednesday 19 April 2023

Khartoum Kaputt: Aircraft Losses During The 2023 Sudan Crisis

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans in collaboration with Gerjon

This list aims to comprehensively catalogue the (operational) aircraft and helicopters destroyed and damaged during the 2023 Sudan Crisis. Captured aircraft and helicopters as well as derelict aircraft and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are not included in this list. This list is updated as new losses are uncovered. For a list of vehicle losses during the 2023 Sudan Crisis click here.
(Click on the numbers to get a picture of each individual destroyed or damaged aircraft)

Sudanese Air Force (29, of which destroyed: 26, damaged: 3)

Jet Aircraft (10)


Presidential Aircraft (2)

Rapid Support Forces (2, of which destroyed: 2)

Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (2)

Egyptian Air Force (4, of which destroyed: 1, damaged: 3)

Jet Aircraft (3)

Helicopers (1)

Civilian (8, of which destroyed: 8)

Aircraft (8)