Thursday 2 March 2023

Counting Down: List Of Russian Army Equipment Not Yet Destroyed In Ukraine

Russia's one year anniversary of its special military operation in Ukraine marks a pivotal point not just for its symbolic significance, but also because it coincides with a sudden realisation on our part. That being that keeping track of the types of armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) and aircraft in use by the Russian Armed Forces that have been destroyed has become considerably harder than listing those that haven't been, and subtracting from that list as time progresses. Hence, the list that follows.
Obviously, not all equipment in use with Russia's military may be deployed in Ukraine or even be actually operational for that matter, so to keep things manageable this list will include only those systems that have been acknowledged to be in mass production. Nevertheless, certain systems may be included or omitted on a case-by-case basis for instance because they are expected to be used operationally or, conversely, because including them would be impractical. Categories that have been excluded are small-sized (EOD) UGVs, civilian-grade UAVs, transport and training aircraft, naval vessels, coastal defence (missile) systems and (armoured) trucks. This list is updated as additional vehicle types are confirmed to be destroyed or captured.

Our list showing Ukrainian Army equipment not yet destroyed or captured can be found here
(Click on the equipment type to get a picture of it)



Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Unmanned Ground (Combat) Vehicles


Armoured Trains

Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Armoured Personnel Carriers


Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicles


Infantry Mobility Vehicles


Light Strike Vehicles (LSVs)

Engineering Vehicles And Equipment

Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Missile Systems


Artillery Support Vehicles And Equipment


Towed Artillery


Self-Propelled Artillery


Multiple Rocket Launchers

Short-Range Ballistic Missile And Cruise Missile Carriers

Anti-Aircraft Guns

Air Defence Support Vehicles

Surface-To-Air Missile Systems



Jammers And Deception Systems

Combat Aircraft

Bomber Aircraft


Command And Control Aircraft

Tanker Aircraft


Transport Aircraft



Unmanned Aerial Vehicles