Thursday 24 March 2022

List Of Naval Losses During The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

A detailed list of destroyed, damaged and captured ships of both sides can be seen below. This list will be updated as additional footage becomes available. This list only includes naval vessels of which photo or videographic evidence or loss notices are available. Therefore, the amount of destroyed and damaged naval vessels could be higher than what is recorded here. Derelict naval vessels, civilian vessels and dry docks are not included in this list.

(Click on the numbers to get a picture of each individual destroyed, damaged or captured vessel)


Russia - 22, of which: destroyed: 16, damaged: 6

Guided Missile Cruiser (1, of which sunk: 1)


Submarines (1, of which destroyed: 1)


Landing Ships (7, of which destroyed: 5, damaged: 2)

Corvettes (2, of which destroyed: 2)

Minesweepers (1, of which damaged: 1)

Patrol Boats (8, of which destroyed: 6, damaged: 2)

Miscellaneous Vessels (2, of which destroyed: 1, damaged: 1)

Ukraine - 35, of which: destroyed: 11, damaged: 5, captured: 19

Frigate (1, of which destroyed: 1)

Patrol and Gunboats (20, of which destroyed: 6, damaged: 3, captured: 11)

Landing Ships (2, of which destroyed: 1, damaged: 1)

Minesweepers (1, of which destroyed: 1)

Miscellaneous Vessels (11, of which destroyed: 2, damaged: 1, captured: 8)