Sunday 21 May 2023

Slovak Showdown: Slovak Arms Deliveries To Ukraine

The following list attempts to keep track of military equipment delivered or pledged to Ukraine by Slovakia shortly prior and during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The entries below are sorted by armament category (with a flag denoting the country of origin), and due to the confidential nature of some arms deliveries they can serve only as a lower bound to the total volume delivered. This list is updated as further military support is uncovered.
* Purchases by the Ukrainian or EU governments from Slovak defence companies.
** Deliveries from Slovak stocks through the German Ringtausch programme
(Click on the equipment type or vehicle to get a picture)

Fighter Jets (13)

  • 10 MiG-29AS'/UBS' [March and April 2023] (Some to be used as a source of spare parts)
  • 3 MiG-29As/UB [March and April 2023] (To be used as a source of spare parts)

Transport And Utility Helicopters (5)

Surface-To-Air Missile (SAM) Systems (1 Battery And 2 Launchers)

Radars (4)

Self-Propelled Artillery (24)

  • 24 155mm ShKH Zuzana 2s* (8 purchased by Ukraine, 16 purchased by Germany, Norway and Denmark) [Delivered from January 2023 onwards]

Infantry Fighting Vehicles (30)

Engineering Vehicles And Equipment (2)


Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) (100)

  • Missing flag.png 100 Man-Portable Air Defence Systems [2022]

Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

  • Missing flag.png ''Anti-Tank Guided Missiles'' [February or March 2022]

Small Arms

  • ''Small Arms'' [Early 2022]

Air-To-Air Missiles

Air-To-Ground Weaponry


  • 5V55R Surface-To-Air Missiles (For S-300PMU) [April 2022]
  • 52 3M9ME Surface-To-Air Missiles (For 2K12M2 Kub-M2) [To be delivered]
  • 148 3M9M3E Surface-To-Air Missiles (For 2K12M2 Kub-M2) [To be delivered]
  • Missing flag.png 486 ''Air Defence Missiles'' (For MANPADS) [2022]
  • 155mm M107 Ammunition (For SPGs) [Before June 2022. Supplies ongoing]
  • 122mm Ammunition (For SPGs) [To be delivered]
  • 152mm Ammunition (For SPGs) [To be delivered]
  • Thousands Of 122mm Rockets (For BM-21 Grad MRL) [Early 2022]
  • 12.000 Rounds Of 120mm Mortar Ammunition [Early 2022]
  • 57mm Ammunition (For AZP S-60 AA Gun) [Before May 2022]
  • 80mm S-8 Unguided Rockets (For MiG-29 Fighter Jet) [March/April 2023]

Military Clothing And Gear

  • Winter Clothing [Early 2023]

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • MiG-29 Fighter Jet Spare Parts [March and April 2023]
  • Ground Operating Equipment For MiG-29 Fighter Jet [March and April 2023]
  • 2 Million Litres Of Aviation Fuel [Early 2022]
  • 10 Million Litres Of Diesel [Early 2022]
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