Friday 30 September 2022

The Oryx Handbook Of Cuban Fighting Vehicles

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans
- CBAF (Carro Blindado de Apoyo de Fuego) = Armoured Fire-Support Vehicle
- CBE (Carro Blindado de Exploración) = Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle
- CBI (Carro Blindado de Infantería) = Armoured Infantry Vehicle
- C-AP (Cañón Autopropulsado) = Self-Propelled Artillery
- C-AP-AT (Cañon Autopropulsado Anti-Tanque) = Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Cannon
- C-AP-MP (Cañon Autopropulsado Multipropósito) = Self-Propelled Artillery Multi-Purpose.
(Click on the equipment to get a picture of them in Cuban service)



Armoured Fighting Vehicles


Infantry Fighting Vehicles


Armoured Personnel Carriers


Infantry Mobility Vehicles


Fast Attack Vehicles And Gun Trucks

Command Vehicles

Military Engineering Vehicles


Tank Destroyers

Towed Artillery


Self-Propelled Artillery

Multiple Rocket Launchers


Towed Anti-Aircraft Guns


Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns


Self-Propelled SAM Systems


Static SAM Systems


Coastal Defence Systems


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)



Special thanks to Foro Militar General, Sahureka and Thomas Nachtrab.
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