Thursday, 16 September 2021

List Of Coalition UAV Losses During The Yemeni Civil War

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

This list aims to catalogue visually confirmed Coalition unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) losses during the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen launched in March 2015. This list only includes visually confirmed losses recorded. Thus, the actual number of UAVs lost in the theatre is likely significantly higher than what is recorded here (for example drones that crashed inside Saudi Arabia but whose wreckages were never photographed). As the conflict is still ongoing, the list will be updated as new downings occur.
Losses by year:
2015: 4
2016: 5
2017: 4
2018: 5
2019: 10
2020: 3
2021: 19
2022: 11
Losses by operator (country):
Saudi Arabia: 42
United Arab Emirates: 15
United States: 7

Losses by origin of the U(C)AV (country):
United States: 22
China: 20
Austria: 10
South Africa South Africa: 4
Turkey: 4
Germany: 2
Italy: 1
(Click on the equipment to get a picture of each destroyed UAV and the date it was shot down or crashed on)

Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (32 lost)

Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (31 lost)